Goals and Research

Our goals and research have always focused on the delivery of products that fully optimized lighting quality and intensity, unlocking the keys to top quality plant performance and higher yields. The mission of our technology is to “Drive Peak Performance of Plants in Every Growth Phase.”

A key component to Fractal AG Products is to offset constantly rising energy costs while still achieving high photon utilization. This can only be achieved through an industry leading multi channel spectrum tuning system specific to each of the plants growth stages—tailored both to the specific facility and plant types. The flexibility is in the hands of our growers while world class support comes from our team of experts.

Many Growers have been begging for a lighting technology that offers them the ability to think outside the box. We recognize the importance of the spectrums within the PAR values but we also allow for the use of spectrums within the UVA and Far red ranges as deemed suitable through our multi-channel technology. Years in the making, Fractal has solved an age long problem when it comes to spectral tuning and how to make it repeatable. Our control system collects all data associated with any changes or adjustments made during the growth cycle and logs those changes so they can be repeated over and over again with a push of a button.


Fractal AG Type II

Fractal AG proudly presents enhanced spectrum options in its Type II series, ranging from expansive white to intense red. Catering to the diverse requirements of cultivators, we now offer both BROAD and DUAL spectrum configurations. This advancement ensures growers can fine-tune the spectral content and light intensity to suit any crop, at any stage of growth, in any location around the globe.

Flexible Mounting

With a compact form factor, flexible mounting options and 4 spectra offerings to choose from, the Fractal Savior series offers design flexibility to growers who previously were unable to install supplemental lighting. The Fractal Savior (3x) and (3x2) delivers high light output and consistent uniformity with market leading efficacies up to 3.7 μmol/J, while offering growers with low mounting heights a solution for year-round crop production.

The modular system can be configured as a single fixture (3x) or in a duo configuration (3x2). With the new hanging hardware options, the duo configuration can be remote and cradle mounted.

latest addition

4 Spectra

With the introduction of four spectral options in the latest Fractal Savior, this advanced top light now boasts higher efficacies (up to 3.8 µmol/J) and an enhanced photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) (up to 2330 µmol/s) per fixture, surpassing similar lighting technologies.

Master the art of year-round cultivation with the Fractal Savior top light series. Equipped with four spectral ranges from broad white to intense red, the Fractal Savior provides cultivators with the flexibility to select the ideal spectrum. This aids in maximizing crop growth in both greenhouse and indoor environments, while maintaining a balance between energy efficiency and a conducive work environment for humans. Expect consistent, high-quality crop yields and sustainable control over your agricultural outcomes.

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