Our History

Fractal is the culmination of over two decades of professional experience. The apex of years of expertise, learning, and innovation across all of the core factors that support modern horticulture, and its lighting needs.

Fractal was born in 2022 as Tom Jordan, Haithem Sarafa, and Viet Bui came together to join forces and create the industry leader in growth lighting and technology.

They have brought together the best of the best in LED lighting business acumen, finance, management, cannabis facility experience, growth science and technology.

After securing seed funding in 2022, Fractal has gone on to develop and patent its own proprietary software, AI algorithms, and lighting platforms.

Fractal delivered to its first international customer in Austria in 2023, and continues to grow and innovate every month.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize horticulture through groundbreaking technology, enabling optimized growth and maximized output worldwide. We are committed to developing and implementing advanced, high-performance solutions that set new standards in agricultural productivity. Our focus extends to hardware and software applications designed to enhance all types of growing operations, ultimately contributing to resolving global food scarcity challenges.

What We Do

Fractal specializes in superior, advanced lighting solutions, with both hardware, and software, including cutting edge AI and mobile applications for optimizing every step and factor in the growing process.

Making Leaps In
Grow Light Technology

Fractal is creating grow magic for cannabis cultivators. Bringing together industry leading innovations across every component, powering the science of growth.

Our solutions provide an unfair advantage to users of our lighting platforms, who enjoy double digit or better improvements in their efficiency, harvests, and consistent higher-grade quality of their product.

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