Fractal Savior

Powering the Science of Growth

LAUNCHED Q1 - 2023

Fractal Savior LED

Technology that provides:

  • Unparalleled efficiency rating factors
  • UVA, UVC for better growth, helps eliminate mold and could reduce the need for pesticides
  • AI controlled for autonomous parameter adjustments
  • Pre-Programmed or fully customizable spectrum via app based software
  • Mimic any spectrum at any altitude at any geolocation
  • Automated recovery protocols
  • Magneto Hydrodynamic water and nutrient conditioners

Fractal AG

Creating Cost Savings Through Technology

With "Best in Class" spectral lighting tuning solutions, and massive power savings, our technology is capable of increasing the annual revenue of cannabis farms by 30-40%.

Take advantage of 30% or better savings on energy costs over other LEDs. Speed up growing by 25%, with 1-3 additional harvest turns every two years. Increase cannabis bud dry weight harvest by 20%.



The first commercial trialed and tested patent pending AI-controlled dual Laser horticulture growth enhancement system, featuring unique scalar fields, cymatics, fractal fields, and lasers combined with artificial intelligence built from the ground up to support plant growth like never seen before in any commercial grow.

We designed an embedded technology to transfer most of what nature offers in its complex ecosystem and its simplistic way of achieving what we call the biome when observed.


25 Y


7 Y


Our grow system has been developed from seed, vegetation, and flowering, exotic plants or medicinal crops, a technology from adjustable spectra to the Super-Emerson™️ effect, and optimized spectrums from seed to harvest. With built-in germicidal effect, without the use of harmful UVC or pesticides making it GMP favorable.

The integrated Special Effects (SFX) spectrum channels can be adjusted entirely or used in combination with our plant library with autonomous growth through our AI and user interface APP, for various plant species and stages. This is achieved with the lowest energy footprint in the industry by a substantial margin.

Laser Extended Benefits

How does the Advance Modular Laser System work?
In all our conducted tests and studies, the Advance Modular Laser System has been proven to promote gibberellic acid, improve the formation of proteolytic enzymes, increase auxin content, and hydrolysis of starch, which increases the concentration of sugars ultimately leading to improved plant development and superior crops. Effect on gibberellic acid: Results in cell elongation and increase in the cell vacuoles which lead to potassium increase as it is found in the cellular sap vacuoles which control cell osmotic pressure and electrical balance. Gibberellic acid further increases the concentration of sugars that form essential oil through acetyl Co-A and synthesis pathways which translate into a significant increase in oil content.


Artificial Intelligence

The patented AI control system protects your crops from harmful pests with advanced algorithms and our GMP technology.

Adjustable Spectrum

Achieve maximized control and supreme results with highly efficient spectra programmable for every situation.

Continuous Spectrum

Optimized full cycle spectra from seed to harvest or vegetation to flowering through our plant library.

Patented Dual AI Laser System

Increase efficiency and improve quality with the patented Dual AI Lasers.


Activate or deactivate infrared channels separately for increased efficiency and longer light cycles.

Phytochrome Activation

Targeted activation of phytochrome receptors for shade-avoiding plants.


Increase photosynthesis with the integrated Emerson-effect.

Super Emerson-effect

Maximize photosynthesis with the unique Super-Emerson effect.

ADVANCE UV30 SFX Ultraviolet Dual channel Grow Lights

Increase active ingredient, flavonoid, and terpenoid productivity or eliminate threats such as mold, bacteria, or powdery mildew with two AI-controlled UV channels.

ADVANCE UC60 SFX Under Canopy Horizontal Grow Lights

Maximize yields on lower branches and connect up to two horizontals under canopy Grow Lights to your FRACTAL-SFX system.

ADVANCE Electromagnetic Earthing System

Connect to 12pcs plug & play ESP electromagnetic feedback probes to stimulate root development and rapid uniform plant growth.

Emerson Effect - Monochromatic Lasers - Now Super Emerson

Fractal has been testing both a proprietary Emerson Chip as well as our proprietary (patented) Monochromatic Blue and Red Spectrum Lasers.

The Emerson effect is about driving photosynthesis both with PAR (400-680nm in this case), while also using far red spectrum (700nm-740nm), which when combined can result in photosynthesis rates that are higher than normal.

Robert Emerson used his work with red and far red light to deduce that there must be two photosystems, called photosystem I (PSI) and photosystem II (PSII). These are named in the order of discovery, but for photosynthesis the process starts with the PSII first.

Monochromatic light has a sharp drop off in photosynthesis at 680nm, this does not happen if far red light is added with about 720nm being most efficient in driving additional photosynthesis. Fractals Laser technology further enhances the spectrum to eliminate any drop off in the photosynthesis and when coupled with our proprietary Emerson chip, creating the Super Emerson Effect.



Faster Growth

Shortened plant development stages, enhanced rooting structure, and vigorous growth.

Higher Yields

Increased weight, higher nutritional value, and essential oil productivity.

Increased Quality

Promote gibberellic acid and improve terpenoid & essential oil productivity

Control Via Mobile App

Comfortably manage entire groups via mobile app and its comprehensive functions.

Individual Spectra

Create individual spectra, depending on your plants' & stages' specific needs.

GMP growing

Implement "Good Manufacturing Processes" and increase the quality of your crops with pesticide free growing.

Maximized Light Uniformity

For uniform crops our AI Fixture Uniformity Management (AIFUM) and fruit-coloring cycle after cycle.

Light recipes

Choose from existing light recipes for specific plant-development stages or individually mix your own spectra, or use our AI Plant Library.

Control your FRACTAL-SFX in groups

Comfortably control your FRACTAL-SFX range and extensions in entire groups.

Superior Efficiency

With > 3.3 µmol/J efficacy and selective spectrum application.

Electromagnetic resonance

The FRACTAL ESP system comes with a built-in EMF generator stimulating root development and boosting uniform plant growth.

SFX Laser Extended the Super Emerson Special Effects Spectrum

The SFX - FRACTAL Special Effects spectrum together with the LSR Hardware components is more than a simple grow light spectrum it is a fully adjustable ecosystem that comes with a large variety of additional options to optimize your grow - with GMP disinfection, dual AI Laser system Super-Emerson™ effect and advanced grow technology. Controllable via APP and predefined scene modes from seed to harvest, vegetation up to essential oil production, active ingredients, flowering, harvest, and many more. It is by far the most flexible and adjustable spectrum in the market. The spectra of the FRACTAL SFX can be additionally extended with the plug & play extensions e. g., two-sided interlighting for higher yields under the canopy and the MORPHIC-BL2 Laser extension for disinfection and medicinal crops or the unique electromagnetic resonance system. The SFX spectra are unique in their high photon flux and spectral efficiency that vigorously stimulate growth with optimized channels throughout specific plant stages and light requirements. with the predefined light recipes/scene modes you can shorten cycles or improve the crop yield and the overall quality of your final products.

In conducted tests, the FRACTAL SFX has shown astonishing results beyond any competitive product. The FRACTAL SFX series stands out additionally in its universal use for an extensive variety of different plant species and stages and is the perfect companion for light-intensive cultivation of exotic plants, fruits, and superior-quality medicinal crops.

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Professional light planning

At FRACTAL, we are pleased to offer our experience as a light planning service partner. We advise on light intensity as well as the most homogenous and cost-efficient lighting for your specific application. For inquiries, please, contact us via e-mail at


SFX Dual AI Laser Patented AI-controlled Special Effects Spectrum

The FRACTAL SFX Laser Light is our most flexible and efficient spectrum for universal vertical farming applications. It is the only commercial grow light using lasers for increased growth technology, for vertical farming, greenhouse, and laboratory applications.

The SFX Dual AI Laser spectra consists of the patented AI control system - protecting your crops from harmful radiation (e. g., lasers, ultraviolet, infrared wavelengths, or overexposure) and several completely adjustable channels, featuring a spectrum for vegetation, flowering, or high color-render-index (CRI) spectra that you can use throughout entire cycles. Additionally, it offers Emerson-effect and phytochrome activation with the push of a button - or even better - the proprietary Super-Emerson™ effect - maximizing photosynthesis and plant growth and further increasing the efficiency of your growth as tested by more than 40%. Vigorous growth and drastically shortened cycles while positively affecting the overall quality of your crops. The Dual AI Laser technology consists of AI-controlled highly efficient lasers with 180° beam angles - creating the perfect conditions for large-scale grow environments. All conducted tests showed that the selective, AI-controlled application of SFX spectra in combination with the Dual Laser technology and additional Electromagnetic resonance fields resulted in extensive plant growth, higher yields, and superior quality - which was achieved in a shorter period than any other grow light was capable of.

Ideal For Application In

The spectrum of the FRACTAL-SFX fixtures can be comfortably controlled via the mobile app. enabling you to optimize efficiency and performance for your specific stages needs.


Increase active ingredient, flavonoid, and terpenoid productivity or eliminate threats such as mold, bacteria, or powdery mildew with two AI-controlled UV channels.


Maximize yields on lower branches and connect up to two horizontals under canopy Grow Lights to your FRACTAL-SFX system.


Connect to 6pcs plug & play electromagnetic feedback probes to your LSR500 stimulating root development and uniform plant growth.


Years Of Lighthing Experience

SFX Dual AI Laser Patented AI-controlled Special Effects Spectrum

The SFX Special effects spectra is a flexible setup of optimized channels that can be extended further via Ultraviolet or the Under Canopy spectrum. Through the selective application of optimized spectra in-specific stages, the FRACTAL-SFX can create results before only imagined.

Recommended Area of Application

We do recommend this Spectrum for the following application


From flower to fruit and harvest in vertical farming applications.


For the development of strong and healthy roots in earth or hydroponics.


Ideal for overall plant growth and healthy development of nutrients.


High germination capacity for sprouting your plant seeds.


From flower to fruit and harvest in vertical farming applications.


From flower to fruit and harvest in vertical farming applications.

Use our predefined modes easy to control via the app.

The SFX spectra are our recommended choice for universal cultivation of exotic plants, fruit species, or medicinal crops which the following scene modes have been predefined.

Powering the

Science of Growth