Complete Indoor Farming Ecosystems

Stand alone, fully integrated and sufficient indoor farming solutions in a box.

Check out our container farming solution. Get everything you need to grow in one box.

This self-contained ecosystem ships with the lighting, sensors, software, and smart controls, for establishing a hyper functional plant ecosystem, just about anywhere you could imagine wanting to grow something.

Start testing the advanced technologies that could end world food scarcity, or help us survive in completely new environments.

Product overview.


Our Smart AI-controlled container-type plant ecosystem is a 40-foot high cabinet (outer size: 12191*2438*2896mm), and 8 sets of plant cultivation modules are set in the container farm, and a complete set of automatic control systems and devices for plant growth are provided. The main application scenarios of this product:

A Summary of
Integrated Technologies

More About
Our Lighting System

How does the Advance AI Laser System work?

In all our conducted tests and studies, the Advance AI Laser The system has been proven to promote gibberellic acid, improve the formation of proteolytic enzymes, increase auxin content, and hydrolysis of starch, which increases the concentration of sugars -ultimately leading to improved plant development and superior crops.

Effect on gibberellic acid:

Results in cell elongation and increase in the cell vacuoles which leads to potassium increase as it is found in the cellular sap vacuoles which control cell osmotic pressure and electrical balance. Gibberellic acid further increases the concentration of sugars that form essential oil through acetyl Co-A and mevalonic acid synthesis pathways which translate into a significant increase in oil content.
Higher Yields

Increased weight, higher nutritional value, and essential oil productivity.

Individual Spectra

Create individual spectra, depending on your plant's stages and specific needs.

Increased Quality

Promote gibberellic acid and improve terpenoid & essential oil productivity.


Faster GrowthShortened plant development stages and vigorous growth.


AI algorithm controlled for the longer daylight phase of plants.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI control system uses algorithms to optimize your crop in different environmental conditions.

Adjustable Spectrum

Optimize growth with the highest energy efficiency for all stages of the plant morphology.

GMP Growing

Implement “Good Manufacturing Processes” and increase the quality of your crops with pesticide-free growing with Our beneficial non-UVC germicidal technology.

Control Via App

Use some of our predefined algorithms that are easy to control via our App. Recommended areas of application:

ERS -Electromagnetic resonance system
Emerson Effect
Super Emerson Effect ™
AI Intelligence
AI sensor feedback capability
AI Dynamic Spectrum
The active and passive Scalar field generator
Controlled Remotely
Complete Automation or Manual Override
Indoor Farming
Seed to Harvest
Vertical Growth
Horizontal Growth
Flowering Stages
Day/Night Metamorphosis Program
THC Enhancement
CBD Enhancement
Plant Library
UVC Disinfection
Super-Emerson™ Effect

Maximize photosynthesis with the unique Super-Emerson™ effect.

Sequential Spectrum

Optimized full cycle spectra from seed to harvest.

AI Laser

Increase efficiency and improve quality with the AI Lasers system.


Increase photosynthesis which acts as an energy pump.

Phytochrome Activation

Targeted activation of phytochrome receptors for shade-avoiding plants.

Powering the

Science of Growth

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